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Welcome to Tinies Sex Addictions. The website offers an insight regarding things that make you become addicted to sex. Sex is a pleasurable act. It was designed by nature in order to keep a particular species going for generations passing his or her DNA to offspring. However, we humans found a way to prevent pregnancy and to simply enjoy intimacy.

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How Does Sex Addiction Develop?

Sex addiction is quite a problem for a lot of individuals. Now, how exactly do you develop this kind of habit? Also, is it really possible that you avoid this problem from taking place? For some people, they develop sex addiction because they were exposed to sex at a...

How to Control Sex Addictions

Sex addictions can be tricky. A lot of people love having sex. However, what if your sex addiction is already causing harm to your life? What if you are already fixated towards having sex that you end up forgetting different aspects of your life? That’s why you want...

How to Solve Your Problem with Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be hard to deal with. However, what you have to understand is that there is a physiology behind it. You have to understand that sex is pleasurable. And as animals, anything that has pleasure as a reward can easily be addictive. If you find yourself...