Sex addiction can be hard to deal with. However, what you have to understand is that there is a physiology behind it. You have to understand that sex is pleasurable. And as animals, anything that has pleasure as a reward can easily be addictive. If you find yourself masturbating more than you should or if you think that you are already missing work because you are concentrated on sexual things, then you might actually be suffering from sex addiction.

Know How to Divert Your Attention

Sex addicts typically want to have sex multiple times a day. There are those who can have sex between 5 to 8 times on an average daily. And this can lead towards problems in the future for the person. One, you might be one of those people who gets his satisfaction from pornographic materials online. Instead of checking these photos, it is important that you find yourself a new hobby. Typically, it is also a good idea that you ensure that you are tired to think of anything sexual.

There will be triggers when you will experience the urge to have sex or to masturbate. And for this reason, you have to know your triggers. You can find a diversion whenever you feel that you already felt stimulated. You want to think of more pressing matters for instance. Perhaps, you want to consciously check your schedule at work whenever you are triggered sexually.

Talk to a psychiatrist

In order to have a deeper understanding of your condition, it is also preferred that you talk to an expert. Psychiatrists can give you an insight that you may not have heard. He or she may perform psychoanalysis in order to fully understand what goes on in your mind and why you are actually fixated on things that are sexual. For instance, if you are a female who always go after older men, it is possible that you’ve experienced Electra syndrome while you are young. It is possible that you may have had some daddy issues growing up and you are looking for a father figure subconsciously.

Join Group Therapies

If you want to gain insights from people who already managed their sex addiction, you might want to join a group therapy. Now, why should you be joining this group? You have to understand that there are those who are seeing new strategies that they can do in order to avoid triggers or in order for them to go back to their normal routine. Sex addicts are usually thinking that they are experiencing it alone. What they don’t know is that there is a good number of people who are also suffering from this type of compulsion.

Exercise Daily

You want to make sure that you also exercise. Not only will this be able to get you tired, but there are also some workouts that can bring the testosterone level down such as running for a good number of hours. However, if you are going to lift heavy then it can be totally different. You might find yourself craving for some sexual activity once fully rested.